Ministry Goals

Biblical Leadership Training

Using the blueprint of a biblical church, the ministry plans to partner with local pastor(s) to develop strong Christian leaders and multiply the church by providing leadership training. This training consists of weekly classes and community outreach by putting into practice the information learned in the classroom such as prison ministry, Jesus Film outreach, evangelism, personal discipleship, children’s ministry and church planting. We want to utilize the local Church as the means to hand out gifts and offerings to those in need, in order for the local community to see that the church as the source of help.

Vocational Development

Using biblical principles, the ministry seeks to train locals on how to work towards an environment of autonomy and self-worth through our carefully prepared programs such as our micro loan program­ (which is designed to help underprivileged local entrepreneurs achieve their goals). The program will provide pre-loan counseling and biblically based financial & stewardship classes. This program will require prerequisites as well as approval from the board.  Our trade school program will provide technical classes in electrical, plumbing, mechanical and ironwork; thus, promoting economic development with the skills needed to obtain work in these specific trades.

Missions Training

The purpose of this program is to glorify God by further cultivating a heart and passion for missions and ministry. To train and equip missions-minded individuals to fulfill the Great Commission, teaching them how to think differently about poverty and how to avoid harming the physically poor.

Reverse Missions Program

Due to the instability of our missionaries being able to maintain regular visits to Haiti. We have developed a new program that will works alongside our existing outreach and training programs here in Kentucky. This program will help reach people of every tribe and tongue in Central Kentucky and throughout the U.S. Meeting physical needs and equipping them with the Gospel. (With our main focus being on the Haitian communities because of our deep understanding of the culture.) We will be working with our Ministry Director, who will head the program, he will also work as our liaison for our current Haitian staff on the ground in Haiti.